Accommodation, catering and entertainment places

There are 4 hotels at the territory of General Toshevo municipality – Peter’s, Dobrudzhanski ray, Diana and Tassos. There is also camping site with wooden houses in the village of Krasen. In the village of Dabovik there is house for rural tourism. Hotels:

  • "Peter’s" Family hotel-30 places.
  • "Dobrudzhanski ray"– 8.
  • "Diana" – 22.
  • "Tassos" -10.
  • Camping site "Krasen" -16 places.

The following restaurants are functioning in the town: "Peter’s", "Diana", "Dobrudzhanski ray" (to the hotels of the same names), restaurant "Central", restaurant "Avant-garde", the taverns "Elite", "Zodiac", "Frank", "Dechkoyad","P. Valev", coffee-bar "Sweet temptation" and other smaller places.

    The hotel part of thecompany "Bratya Aleksievi" in the village of Krasen also has functioning canteen. Thevillage of Dabovik (in the rural tourism house) offers typical Dobrudzha cuisine. There are taverns and canteens in all larger villages such as Kardam, Spasovo, Krasen, Rositsa,Preselentsi, Vasilevo etc.