Village of Spasovo

   Village of Spasovo is located at 28 kilometres from the municipal centre General Toshevo, at 50 kilometres in North-eastern direction from the district centre town of Dobrich, at 21 kilometres from the coastline and at 7 kilometres in Southern direction from the border with Romania. The village of Spasovo is located in the region of the protected zones and territories "Coastal Dobrudzha" and "Bezhanovo". Sightseeing: The settlement in the region of the village of Spasovo dates back to the earliest Thracian times – the Bronze Age. In the region of the Thracian hillock in village’s western part coins dating back to the Roman times (VI century) were found.

   Durankulak lake is located at 22 kilometres from the village of Spasovo that is a natural resort and provides unique opportunities for fishing, cultural tourism and recreation amidst the beauty of the untouched nature. Lake territory is natural habitat of many protected bird species turning it into attractive destination for ornithology fans.