The village of Kardam

   The village of Kardam is located at about 35 kilometres in Northern direction from the town of Dobrich.

   The village is located at 5 kilometre distance from the Bulgarian- Romanian border. The distance to the town of Negru Voda is about 12 kilometres. The village of Kardam is located in region of Natura 2000 and in the region of the protected areas and territories "Coastal Dobrudzha" and "Kardam". There are excellent conditions for rural tourism: attractive and well-furnished rural houses and agricultural yards; welldeveloped communications and infrastructure.

   There is place near Kardam that was the location of the farm close to the border featured in the works of the writer Yordan Yovkov.In the neighbouring village of Yovkovo (named after the writer), Yovkov parents were buried. The poetess Dora Gabe entered civil marriage in 1909 in the church of the village.