First route

   First route: Murfatlar (the castle of M. Kogalniceanu, “Nativity of Virgin Mary“ Church)- Rock monastery near Murfatlar - Monument Adamclisi - Monastery Dervent- Monastery of Saint Andrew.

   Rock monastery opened in 1957. It had existed from 9th to 11th century. The complex consist of a number of galleries, housings, crypts, tombs, six chapels and career from the same era, carved in limestone. That is the biggest documented early medieval rock monastery in Dobrudja and on the Balkans which with its numerous religious facilities, hundreds of paintings, signs, verbal, Greek and runic inscriptions is the main source for the history, culture and art of Dobrudja. Monastery was abandoned in the eleventh century when there were in vasions of Pe chenegs or Vaerings.