Medicinal plants

Mouth of the wolf. The plant has sedative and nervine-tonic actions, thus useful in states of nervous exhaustion, neuralgia. It has diuretic action, fights insomnia and regulates the rythms of sleep. It also relieves breast pain.
Indications: mental disorder marked by hysteria, anxiety, insomnia, neuro-vegetative disorders (like digestive, cardiovascular, genito-urinary), brain fag, ADD syndrome, epilepsy, tranquilizers and painkillers, nerve disorders occurring at menopause (nervousness, headache, insomnia), neuralgia, headache.

Adonis: has a diuretic and calming action. It is used in cases of neurovegetatives disorders, heart diseases.

Incense field: It is used entirely (except root) in the preparation of medicinal products.
Helps stimulate the menstrual flow, gout, rheumatism, fluid retention, sweat, wound healing.
Also, this plant is used for its tonic effects.

Mouth of the wolf Adonis Incense field

Thyme: ancient herb, it is said that it protects from desease and offer invulnerability. Intern applications: acute and chronic bronchitis, whooping cough, asthma, pneumonia, kidney and urinary infections. External applications: wounds and skin ulcers, poor peripheral circulation, rheumatism. Psychological effects: In Ancient Greece the thyme was an essential ingredient in the diets of young warriors. It was said that it can increase confidence and courage. The greek doctors, followed by the Middle Ages doctors, used the thyme for physically and mentally weak patients because of its tonic and envigorating effects. Macrobiotic medicine recommends thyme to enhance the ability to control emotions and strengthen immunity to mental stress.

Blackberry: has curative and pharmaceutical qualities: tannins, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamin C, antihemoragic, and a mild reduction of glycosuria quality.
It is recommended for osteoporosis, diabetes, male infertility, urinary tract infections.

Meadow: from this plant the seeds are harvested. The fruit (capsules) must be picked to obtain the seeds. Because the plant is poisonous the leaves and stems will be burried or burned after the capsuls are separated.
The seed is used for extraction of medicinal active substances, and in agriculture as plant growth stimulant.

Thyme Blackberry Meadow