With a population of 10,500 inhabitants, together with the adjacent village Siminoc, Murfatlar is an agro-industrial city that has passed different stages of development, which makes it a place where modernity combines with the past.


   The industry is best representated by the building materials sector, with the S.C. TEMPO INVEST S.R.L. chalk factory, block and brick factory.
   The chalk factory exploits a calcium carbonate deposit and is unique in Romania. Chalk is used in building materials industry, pharmaceutic industry, animal food and it is also used in asphalt production.
   The largest wine producer in Romania S.C. Murfatlar S.A. is located here. This company brought fame to Romania abroad, working a total of over 3000 ha of vineyard, specialised at first in the sweet french variety. Now it is undergoing a period of renewal and modernization of vine plantations with varieties that produce dry red wine.


  Murfatlar agricultural area is 6,126 ha, fully irrigated, the pomping station of Basarabi is in Murfatlar. The Station irrigates the entire southern part of the county.
  The Vine and Wine Science Station was founded in 1908, and here king Carol II had 70 ha of vineyards.
  Even now Murfatlar is the wine supplier for the Royal House of Romania.
  One of the oldest ocupation of the people here is growing grain and livestock, especially sheep and goats. The city has over 180 ha of pasture.
  Besides the famous wine makers Murfatlar S.A. and the Vine and Wine Science Station appeared private producers who cultivate vines, thus recovering the tradition of the two world wars.



   S.C. MAX S.R.L. a construction company located in Murfatlar, with several offices in other cities in the country, has 120 employees and an annual turnover of 10 milion euros. In the customer goods sale S.C. Comosil Auto has a turnover of 3 milion euros/year.
   In the city operates a total of five branches of the most important