Customs and traditions

The customs and traditions here have been kept since ancient times:
  Gurban vineyards - a ritual for protection of the vineyards.
  Carol singing on the eve of Christmas and New Year.
  „Boboteaza“ - on the day of 6th January. The custom is to recover a cross thrown into the water, young men proving this way their passage among men.
  „Dragobetele“ - love day for romanians, on 24th february.
  „Mucenicii“ (Martyrs) - it is a custom that represents the beginning of the agricultural year and it has generated a traditional romanian celebration. In Dobrogea „mucenicii“ are small and boiled in water with sugar, cinnamon and walnuts. They symbolize the lake in wich the Holy Martyrs were thrown.

On May 1 residents celebrate  „Armindenul“ (maypole). It is a symbol of vegetation and protects crops and animals. It is celebrated for the fruits of the earth, livestock health, good wine, healthy people with parties in the pasture, where people eat lamb and drink wine.
  Kures (tatars fights): every year, from spring to autumn, the tatars in Dobrogea fight in „Kures“ - a kind of traditional wrestling.
  Many habits are related to religious holidays such as: Easter, the rise of Jesus, birth of Virgin Mary, Saint Andrew, Saint Nicholas, Christmas and New Year.
  „Hramul“ is the biggest holiday of the church and is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in local places such as: Old Church „Birth of the Virgin Mary“, new church „Saints Constantine and Helene“, monastery „Saint Teotim“ and the church in Siminoc village „Saint Bicholas“.
  There are also celebrated: Heroes day, War veterans day, Anthem day, Flag day, Murfatlar day, Romanian army day, National day.