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The "responsible use of natural resources and encouraging sustainable development of alternative forms of tourism" MIS - ETC Code 212

The project will be landscaped tourist routes (including signs information, maps of trails, rest areas provided with benches and solar protection, tracking platforms birds). Will be arranged in Rezevatia Fantanita a picnic and barbecue area, camping sites, platforms for tracking birds.
Paths established: - Protected area "Fountain Murfatlar"
Bike Trail - Murfatlar - Sat Siminoc (approx. 5 km)

Murfatlar thematic tourist routes:
- Basic visiting stone;
- Wine tasting in the wine resort of scientific research;
- Visit the wine museum;
- Evening Dobrogea in reserve.

By establishing hiking trails and their inclusion in tour operators are expected to increase visitors sightseeing in the region.
Will be equipped with suitable equipment the two tourist centers, one in town and one village Murfatlar Krasen. The main objective of the tourist centers to sustain and promote tourism in the two localities.
Will be arranged and a bike path - Murfatlar - Siminoc village (about 5km).

The project will make information materials, web site and other publicity activities. The materials produced will promote the objectives and results of the project after its completion.
We have created a joint website in three languages, Romanian, Bulgarian, English.
9 totems will be located outside the city:
- 4 On entering the city Murfatlar;
- 2 from entering the village Siminoc;
- An ensemble Murfatlar cave;
- 1 to Fantanita Murfatlar Natural Reserve;
- 1 to Murfatlar landmark.

Hill Tibisir city name will be placed letters "MURFATLAR", with a height of 4 meters. Totems and volumetric letters will be illuminated.
Project implementation will positively influence long term business, employment and educational and cultural institutions.
By implementing the project, residents will have improved access routes and greater possibilities of tourism.
The project is expected to increase the number of tourists in the two localities, mainly through trips organized by tour operator.

The project aims to create Tourist Information Center in the city Murfatlar. Thus by setting up tourist information center quality tourism infrastructure in the region will increase and this will create a knowledge base and resources to promote tourism in the region.

The project aims at increasing the number of visitors attracted. The number of tourists who visit annually Murfatlar is about 500 Romanian tourists and 150 foreign tourists. The project aims to reach that number to about 7000 - 8000 people annually (by 5-6 times more) in 3-4 years. Visitor numbers will be reported by teams drawn from the center tour, sightseeing and representatives of the accommodation.

Target Groups

Owners of accommodation and meals and companies in the two localities
Tourists in the region, the country and abroad.
Tour operators and travel agencies.


The final beneficiaries of the project will be people and society as a whole Romania-Bulgaria border region. Project implementation will positively influence long-term business, employment and educational and cultural institutions in both cities. By implementing the project, residents will have improved access routes and greater possibilities of tourism.

Project implementation period is 15 months.